Kelmark History
Orginal Brochures From Kelmark Co.
Inspired by the Ferrari Dino, the Kelmark was created by Kit makers, Russ Keller and Randy Markham.

The Kelmark began production in Okemas, Michigan, in 1969 combining both the looks of the Dino with a Corvette concept car of the 1960's.

The Kelmark Co. stopped producing altogether in the mid 1990's. Today, Kelmark Kits are quite rare. However, our shop currently owns two Kelmarks which are featured in our gallery.

Although most Kelmarks are powered by VW running gear and VW motors, some Kelmarks are powered with V-8 motors and Corvair transmissions.
Info about the Kelmark
Car and Driver Article
Kelmark Blue Print
Look for more updates in the future as we hope to have a comprehensive history of the Kelmark Kit car here on the website.