Valkyrie Avenger History
Inspired by the GT40 race car, the Valkyrie was introduced by a U.S. company, FiberFab, in 1967.

Modeled after the GT40, the Valkyrie also sported a mid-engine V8, and came equipped with a 427 cubic inch Chevrolet engine, a ZF transaxle, and 4 wheel
Hearst-Amheart disk brakes, and a parachute. An ad at the time boasted it would be useful in braking at speeds in excess of 140 mph.

However, most later Valkyries were owner built with small block chevys and corvair transaxles. Additionally, later Valkyries were often built more modestly with VW running gear.

The car was marketed as a sports car with a price of around $10,000. The lower priced kit version was named the Avenger.

In the 1970's, when FiberFab changed ownership, the Valkyrie was discountinued. In 2004, a new company began reproducing the Valkyrie again under the FiberFab name .
In 2006, the Bugoholics team traveled nearly 3000 miles, from Pasadena, Texas, to Michigan to buy this Avenger.